Mirrors are for a lot more than just your reflection. You've likely considered them as a way to decorate, but what about as a tool to make a room look bigger?

Fooling the Eye: How To Use Mirrors to Make a Room Look Bigger Interior design can do so much to boost your property value. But there are a few details that gain more value than others. Maximizing profit means following recent interior design trends to match customer demands.  Most people prefer...

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A good mirror is better than 10 paintings. Click here to learn how you can use decorative mirrors to express yourself in the space that matters most to you.

Can Decorative Mirrors Spice Up Your Bedroom? Forget about the principals of Feng Shui that state you shouldn't hang any mirrors in the room you sleep in. Mirrors are so versatile and should be used for both their functional and aesthetic means -- no matter the room.  Beyond their practical...

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A mirror is essential to all aspects of your daily routine. Click here to learn how to choose a wall mirror that goes well with your bathroom's design scheme.

How to Choose a Decorative Wall Mirror for Your Bathroom Bathroom mirrors have the unique ability to completely transform a space. With one piece of décor, you can change your bathroom from a space that's small and outdated to a space that's fresh and unique.   Mirrors are also the centrepiece of...

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