The Do's and Don'ts of Styling Large Decorative Mirrors in Your Living Room

Quick question, reader: what is one thing that can transform any living room? If you have experience in design, you know we're talking about mirrors.

Mirrors are a unique design element because they play with reflections and dimensions. In a way, they're almost an art form unto itself. For proof, look no further than the Hall of Mirrors, the key room of the Versailles Palace.

Want to know more about how to make the most of large decorative mirrors? Here are some do's and don'ts that will help you style them just right!

Do: Add Mirrors to Smaller Rooms

At first glance, a small living room may not seem like a natural home for a large mirror. In reality, the two can be a great fit. Thanks to its reflective powers, a decorative mirror can make any space feel bigger.

Like with most home decor, this is all about positioning. You'll want to place the mirror in a way that allows natural light to bounce around the room. Try hanging it on a wall very near to a window, or even opposite one.

Don't: Always Go for the Fireplace

When it comes to decorating with mirrors, fireplaces are always a popular option. It's easy to see why: a fireplace is a focal point in most rooms, and putting a mirror over it makes the top half of the room seem bigger.

Fireplace large mirror

This approach works for one mirror, but what if you have two larger mirrors? Well, one solution is to place them on both sides of the fireplace. This is particularly effective if you have two alcove areas next to the fireplace.

Do: Remember the Reflection

Hanging mirrors isn't just about where you physically put them. It's also about what you want the mirror to reflect. For instance, if you have a favourite painting, a mirror can offer exciting new angles of looking at it.

The same principle applies to any focal point in your living room. If you want your eyes to land on one thing when entering a room, angle your mirrors toward it. This will create the illusion of depth and help the focal point shine.

Don't: Be Afraid of Scale

With most living room mirrors, bigger is better. The bigger a decorative mirror is, the more space and light it will instil. In this way, mirrors are a lot like jewellery: the right product will transform everything.

Large Decorative Mirror

Does the prospect of hanging a large mirror seem daunting? If so, make a fashion statement by having it lean against the wall! Of course, if you have small kids, you'll still want to secure the mirror in some way.

Do: Consider a Perfect Circle

Decorative mirrors come in a variety of shapes. Today, one particularly popular trend is to go with a perfect circle with minimal framing. In the right room, this can make the mirror seem like a portal to another world.

Of course, not every living room would benefit from this approach. For best results, add a round mirror to a room with a mid-century modern esthetic. Scandinavian furniture in this vein is a great fit with round mirrors.

Don't: Forget the Brightness

Some living rooms tend to be darker than you might expect. Sometimes, this will be because a room is facing north. Other times, the homeowner may prefer gloomy colour palettes, such as navy blue or dark green.

Adding a mirror to this room is a quick and easy way to brighten the space. Ideally, you'd place the mirror next to a light source, like a lamp or a window. For a more bohemian look, you can lean it on a mantel!

Do: Match the Frame to the Room

There's nothing that says "mirror as art" more than an antique frame. If your living room lacks a centrepiece, a mirror with an ornate frame is a nice solution. This is particularly effective if you've gone with a decadent theme.

If your living room has a cozier esthetic, consider a wood-framed mirror. Wood comes with warmer tones that make the space feel more welcoming. A wooden frame can also trick the eye into thinking a room is larger.

Don't: Neglect Leaning Mirrors

Sometimes, it can be hard to decide where you want to put your mirror. In times like these, it's better to lean your mirrors rather than hang them. That way, you can quickly move them to different areas or even other rooms.

In many cases, however, a leaning mirror will already be the right call. To make sure this is the case, try complementing it with interesting objects. A few plants or art pieces next to a mirror can create a beautiful scene.

Do: Experiment With Shapes

Circles and rectangles are popular for a reason, but that doesn't mean you need to go that route. If these shapes make you feel like you're playing it safe, look for a mirror shape that's pleasing in a non-traditional way.

Custom Shape mirror

Fortunately, you won't have to look very far! Asymmetrical mirror shapes are another key contemporary trend. If you want to straddle the fence, look for stretched versions of standard shapes, like a bowed mirror. 

Don't: Give up on a Tarnished Mirror

Back in the day, a tarnished mirror was a clear sign you needed to replace it. These days, it can easily pass as a deliberate design feature. A speckled mirror, for example, can provide character and rusticity to a space.

As always, the key to making this work is using the mirror in the right room. If your living room has white walls, you'll need something to contrast them. With its large reflective surface, a tarnished mirror can fit this bill.

Large Decorative Mirrors Made Easy

The bottom line: large decorative mirrors involve making a lot of decisions. From the size and frame to the positioning, every part of the puzzle can be crucial. The above guide will help you make sense of the whole process!

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