Why do interior designers often use mirrors in their designs?

Mirrors, when used strategically, have the quality of bringing a sensation of light and space to a room. For many designers this is a very useful characteristic, for example, simply by placing a mirror;

In a dark corner of a room, it will ‘lighten’ up the corner with reflected light.

Behind a lamp, it will produce twice the light-up effect, without the need to over-brighten the room with a more powerful bulb.

Behind a house plant will give greater foliage and the illusion of space beyond. In a dark hallway to brighten (lift) and give the illusion of space.

Over the mantle-piece will give the illusion of a larger, brighter room (a very useful attribute in new homes!) using an elegant mirror as the centrepiece of a room is often preferable to using a framed picture, which is subject to taste, suitability, and colour coordination.

    Where are your mirrors made?

    To ensure the highest standard and quality of our products, our extensive range of mirrors is either manufactured exclusively for MIRROR CITY by our suppliers overseas but still meet Mirrorcity quality requirements.

    How should a mirror be hung?

    With the exception of the small mirrors, all mirrors should be hung using special wall fixing designed for the purpose of hanging mirrors. Unlike normal framed pictures, mirrors are considerably heavier and require stronger and more secure fixings. You should not hang a mirror using string, twine or even wire.

    What is bevelled glass?

    With a bevelled glass mirror, a narrow border (approx 30mm) around the outer edge of the glass is cut with a slight slope / chisel-edge for an attractive effect especially when framed. Plain (un-framed) mirrors usually have normal polished edges.

    How long will it be before I receive my mirror?

    We are usually able to prepare and ship mirrors within 10 working days (if in-stock). Mirrors that are made-to-measure or to a customer’s design may take longer.

    What if my mirror does not look right in my home?

    We accept that occasionally a customer will order a mirror in the belief it will fit-in to their existing décor, only to find that it doesn’t or is much bigger than they realised!. In these circumstances, we will accept the mirror back (providing it is undamaged and in its original packaging) and we will supply a more suitable alternative (less any costs incurred) - upon store discretion. Please refer to terms and conditions.

    How much do you charge delivery and installation?

    To ensure your mirrors arrives in perfect condition we go to great lengths to prepare and package our mirrors and ship them with professional handlers. Delivery and installation costs actually vary and depends on the location, size of the mirror, type of wall. However, we strive hard to select best and cheapest delivery and installation options possible to provide cheaper options so that customers not only enjoy heavily discounted mirrors but get items delivered and installed at low cost.

    What happens if my mirror arrives damaged?

    Even with our exceptional packaging, it is always possible for a mirror to be damaged en-route. In such cases on receipt of the returned mirror, we will supply a replacement mirror at no cost to you. Please refer to terms and conditions.

    Can you make a mirror that is very large?

    Yes, in most cases, the designs we offer can be manufactured as a ‘made-to-measure’ size up to 7 feet / 2m. However, carriage costs for large mirrors are higher. We also carry a wide range of moulding (frame) designs from which you can choose a suitable style. We will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and provide you with a no-obligation quotation.

    Can you make a mirror to my own specification?

    Yes. However, it will depend on the particular design or specification of the mirror. We will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and provide you with a no-obligation quotation.

    Do you have a MIRROR CITY brochure you can send to me?

    Our website is our brochure. However, we have provided photos for each mirror that you may print-out at home on any colour printer.