The Do's and Don'ts of Placing Bedroom Mirrors

Is your bedroom looking a little drab? Are you ready to spice it up?

One of the easiest ways to make a statement in your home is by adding a wall mirror. Your bedroom is no exception.

But with all the different styles of bedroom mirrors out there, how do you know where to begin? And, what about the placement?

Well, we've assembled this guide to help you find the best mirror for the bedroom, no matter what your style is.

Find the Perfect Shape

It's no secret that shape is essential in defining the atmosphere of a space. This includes both the shape of your bedroom and the shape of the mirror design that you select. 

Mirrors are powerful. They can create a whole new ambience, highlight the features that are already there or create the illusion of a whole new space. 

Long Mirrors

A long, horizontal mirror helps to accentuate the width of a space. This is because they help your eyes to travel along the width of the mirror. Long vertical mirrors work similarly, helping to accentuate height.

Using a well-placed long mirror can help your room appear bigger. Whether you want to give the illusion of width or height, a long mirror is a perfect option.

Long bedroom mirror

Angular Mirrors

Using angular shapes such as squares, rectangles, or even diamonds helps to give your room a refined appearance.

The sharp edges of an angular mirror can leave a room feeling orderly. This restrained look is perfect for people who want to create an atmosphere of sophistication.

Curved Mirrors

Conversely, rounded or curved mirrors add a touch of whimsy to your space. Whether it's a circle, oval, or even a wacky curved shape, these mirrors help to give your bedroom a softer, more playful appearance.

Oval Bedroom Mirror

You can even mix and match mirror styles to create a whole new shape. Use mirrors like framed photographs to create an entirely new style and mood. 

Don't Be Fooled: Size Matters

The size of your mirror can drastically alter the impact you want your bedroom mirror style to create. Size can impact if your mirror is seen as a focal point, accent, or simply something meant to blend into the background.

For example, placing a lone small mirror on a larger wall will cause the mirror to get lost. Your mirror should always compliment and fit the wall itself.

Playing With Size

You can make a mirror a focal point by choosing a large mirror that stands on its own. Free-standing mirrors are one of the top trending mirror designs for bedrooms thanks to their ability to draw attention to both the mirror and the subject displayed on the mirror. 

Massive, unframed mirrors can blend into the background to give the illusion of more space. You can add smaller mirrors in strategic locations throughout the space to accentuate lighting or reflect interesting objects.

Remember, you can also use smaller mirrors in groups to create a larger mirror that acts as a focal point.

Find Your Personal Style

Have fun with the style of your bedroom mirror! You can choose a mirror that compliments the style you already have or choose one that is totally unexpected to act as an accent. 

Shape and size are essential parts of style. But don't forget that framing matters, too. 

Most mirrors come in some kind of frame, helping to accentuate certain interior design styles. However, choosing a mirror with no frame at all can be equally as impactful when done right.

Ornate Framing

Carved, ornate frames add a bit of regal air to your bedroom space. This frame style can create a grandiose or extravagant feeling.

Ornate Bedroom Mirror

Ornate frames are best used in more traditionally or culturally-inspired settings. However, you can also use them to contrast a more modern design, having them act as more of a focal point for the room.

Simple Framing

If you want an orderly appearance, simple framing with clean lines is the best way to go. Simple framing generally works best with a more modern design, helping to accentuate the cleanliness and restraint of modern interiors.

Whimsical Framing

Distressed looks and whimsical framing work well with more non-traditional styles. For example, a bedroom inspired by a rural setting or fairy forest would both benefit from a more whimsical look.

Eclectic rooms, country styles, and even nautical themes would all compliment a whimsical framing style.

Understanding the Ideal Placement of Bedroom Mirrors

The placement of your bedroom mirror can have just as much impact as the mirror's style. Be mindful when placing your mirrors to achieve the most desirable effect. 

For example, placing full-length mirrors next to your door can help to open up the space and provide an aesthetic look that accentuates both the mirror's shape and the door's. 

You should also be considerate of the lighting in your bedroom. Mirrors can both complement and detract from the lighting, so staying aware of how your mirror will play with light will help you create the most cohesive style. 

It's best to avoid placing mirrors directly opposite windows, as this can create strange reflections. This is unless, of course, your goal is to open up the room and give the illusion of more space. However, either way, you'll want to avoid setting the mirror somewhere that will reflect the sometimes harsh rays of the sun.

If you've decided on the perfect placement for a mirror, choose one that accentuates and compliments the space. The right mirror can make all the difference.

Bedroom mirror placement

Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

Bedroom mirrors are the perfect way to accentuate your style, open up the space, and create the perfect ambience. Now that you know more about the different styles available to you, you'll be better able to decide which one will serve as the perfect complement to your bedroom. 

Contact us to start your journey to discover the right mirror. We're here to answer any questions you may have or even provide an estimate so you can be certain your mirror is absolutely perfect.

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