Maddox Modern Non-Beaded Silver Wall Mirror


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Modern mirrors can be very warm and appealing. The Maddox range is evidence of that! A serviceable full-length mirror, it would work well in a hall or as a bathroom mirror or vanity mirror. It features a frameless design that uses mirrored edges to create the utmost in style and reflected light. This mirror has a streaked champagne Silver edge. As a wall mirror, it is a true statement piece and you may want multiple mirrors of this style to create the most impressive results. When in search of mirrors in Sydney or mirrors in Melbourne, you can turn to our contemporary and modern online mirror collection as the ultimate solution for style, charm, and taste.

This product has been handcrafted through manual processes and as a result, may contain slight flaws and variations in colour and finish. These minor imperfections are the standard characteristics and uniqueness of our beautifully handmade product. 

  • Mirror Dimensions:
    • 60cm x 75cm
    • 50cm x 140cm
    • 70cm x 100cm
    • 55cm x 160cm (cheval)
    • 90cm x 120cm
    • 80cm x 140cm
    • 80cm x 170cm
    • 110cm x 140cm
    • 120cm x 170cm
    • 80cm x 200cm
    • 110cm x 200cm
  • FeaturesChampagne Silver Edge
  • SD Mirror Quality
  • Shipping: Australia-wide
  • Floor/Display Stock - May contain imperfections and wear & tear
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    Maddox Modern Non-Beaded Silver Wall Mirror

    Maddox Modern Non-Beaded Silver Wall Mirror