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Art Deco is a style that first came into fashion in France just before the start of World War I. When the style first emerged, its creators were envisioning the future as their inspiration. The style is characterised by straight lines and simple curves. It is elegant and classic without being overly ornate. This makes it a suitable addition to a variety of decorative styles, from classic to contemporary.

Within this category of mirrors, you'll find simple styling that is luxurious and clean in form. Metallic tones are common, allowing you to bring a bit of shimmer to your decor. Look for softer metallic finishes, not bright chrome. You'll find many mirrors with a bit of an antique finish in this category. They are designed to look worn without looking shabby. The overall look is soft and muted. These mirrors provide added beauty for your space without taking it over.

Art Deco mirrors can be used throughout your Sydney home. Their classic styling makes them suitable for just about any room. Smaller mirrors are ideal for bathrooms and hallways, while larger mirrors can help you make the most of more spacious rooms, like bedrooms and lounges. In addition to looking great, mirrors also help your home to look even larger. As the mirror reflects the room, it creates the illusion that it is bigger than it actually is.

At Mirror City, we have many Art Deco mirrors in Sydney for your decorating pleasure. Our associates will be happy to assist you in choosing the most appropriate mirror for your home. We can help you evaluate your existing decor to select a mirror that either complements the rest of your decor or stands out as a statement piece that will become the focal point of the room. How you choose to use these mirrors is entirely up to you. 

Our Art Deco mirrors in Sydney are available in a variety of sizes to suit just about any sized room. Styles range from the simplest incarnations of Art Deco to those that are slightly more elaborate. Within our selection, you are sure to find the perfect mirror to bring Art Deco style to your home. Take a look through what we have on offer, and please let us know if you have any questions. We are always happy to help!

  • Serena Silver Ornate Wall Mirror

    This incredible piece of decor has some charm that you can't avoid. It is very gorgeous and ideally great to suit whichever interior design that you have. This is a...
    From $199.00
  • Imogen Art Deco Mirror (80W x 115H CM) - mirrors-city-aus

    Imogen Art Deco Wall Mirror

    These majestic mirrors light up a room with a rich decadence. Suitable for either plain, bevelled or elegant detail which catches the light, like a burst of sunshine. Plain, glamorous,...
  • Felicity Ornate Silver Wall Mirror

    If you want a mirror with an outstanding finish and an incredible look then this is exactly looking what you are looking for. This mirror is designed to beautify your...
    From $269.00
  • Cade Ornate Wall Mirror White

    Cade Ornate Wall Mirror White features a beautifully carved wood frame with intricate flourishes that are perfectly showcased in a white paint finish. This gorgeous rectangular wall mirror with ornate...
    From $429.00
  • Magnus Venetian Round Mirror

    Magnus Venetian Round Mirror

    Round mirrors are not always easy to integrate into your decor, but this remarkable Venetian mirror is such a work of art that it will work well in almost any...
  • Cade Ornate Wall Mirror Silver

    This beautiful wooden frame is gilded in a silver finish to stylish frame radiantly showcases stunning mirror, presenting the appropriate contact to any room. Cade Ornate Wall Mirror Silver is crafted...
    From $429.00
  • Irene Art Deco Mirror (90W x 140H CM) - mirrors-city-aus

    Irene Art Deco Wall Mirror

    These majestic mirrors light up a room with a rich decadence. Suitable for either plain, bevelled or elegant detail which catches the light, like a burst of sunshine. Plain, glamorous,...
  • Tuscany Champagne Dress Mirror

    Have you ever thought of having a full-length floor mirror with a champagne finish in your home? If you haven't then you need to. This design is one of the...
  • Dolores Ornate Silver Wall Mirror

    A silvery oval wall mirror is the most outstanding mirror design that you can ever gift your home if not yourself. The chances of this mirror glam-up your interiors are...
    From $289.00
  • Zenith French Ornate Decorative Mirror Silver

    Beautiful Zenith French Ornate Decorative Mirror Silver is available in various sizes. The elaborate corners and patterns of its structure give this mirror a generally sentimental look. The general shape gives it...
    From $499.00
  • Felicity Ornate White Gloss Wall Mirror

    If you always have a thing for modish designs with a unique simplicity, then this mirror will dazzle you. The whole design is incredible and what makes it even much...
    From $269.00
  • Asa Minimalistic Modern Black Round Mirror

    Accentuate your home with Asa Minimalistic Modern Black Round Mirror features a metal frame finished in matt black. This sleek metal framed mirror grounded in geometric simplicity, with an elegant black colour...
    From $249.00
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