Carolina Art Deco Fan Wall Mirror


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Just like the name suggests, Carolina Art Deco Fan Wall Mirror has a remarkable fan-shaped design. The skills that have been used to come up with this mirror type are above and beyond anything that we can comprehend. It features a total number of seven mirrors that have been precisely cut, shaped and well arranged to deliver the fan-like shape.

It doesn't have a frame, but the mirrors themselves have been designed in such a way that you don't need additional features for it to look impressive. Everything is well placed to showcase a whole new classy design that has never been seen before. Eventually, all you want is a well it room to have this mirror beaming all over the place with both beauty and elegance. It is a mirror that acts as a fine art deco that will really impress anyone who lands his/her eyes on it.

  • Additional delay due to Covid restrictions in VIC
  • Available in different sizes
    • 70cm x 70cm, weight: 6 kg
    • 90cm x 90cm, weight: 10 kg 
    • 110cm x 110cm, weight: 15 kg
  • Features: 
    • Fan like shape
    • Ideal for art-deco or classy themes
    • Metal Hangers
  •  SD Mirror Quality
  • Shipping: Australia-wide

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Carolina Art Deco Fan Wall Mirror

Carolina Art Deco Fan Wall Mirror