The Ultimate Guide to Mirror Decor

If you're looking for a way to bring more light and space into your home without actually doing any massive renovations, you might be in luck.

Did you know that a well-placed mirror can make your room look larger? That trick of the eye is no joke, and it's a great way to make a small change look like a big one, and change the entire look of your room.

Mirror decor can be easy and fun if you have the right products, but there are so many options on the market right now that you might not even know where to get started! 

Don't worry, you're in the right place.

For tips and tricks on adding some reflective pizazz to your living space, keep reading.

Get a Statement Piece

Mirrors aren't just there for us to check out our hair and makeup when we pass them by. A nice mirror can be a work of art and a total statement piece for whatever room that you decide to place it in.

A statement mirror doesn't have to be massive, just a little bit fancy. You want something that stands out, or that you can decorate your space around.

Statement Mirror

We often have artwork as the focal point of a room and a mirror is no different. People will want to look at themselves and your new point of interest at the same time. This is a great decorative choice that's functional as well as chic. 

Include Them in a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are pretty in right now when it comes to home decor, and throwing a mirror in there is a fun way to add interest and add yourself to the gallery. Fun!

Gallery walls are super fun to design and can handle a whole mish-mash of different kinds of items. Get a mirror that's roughly the same size as some of your other gallery objects (or hey, get several! Go wild) and place it strategically amongst the photos and paintings of your choice.

They add a bit of fun difference to the standard gallery wall.

Add Them to Your Hallways

When it comes to having a hall of mirrors, there are two ways to go about it. Minimal, and extreme.

If you'd like to go a little wild with your mirrors, consider using your hallway as a hall of mirrors. Hallways are generally tight spaces with relatively poor lighting. Using mirrors all along the surface (similar to a gallery wall, but mirrors only) will reflect that light and make the space feel a little less tight.

Hallway Mirror

If that's a bit much for you, or you don't think that you'll ever have enough mirrors to fill that space, a much more sleek and minimal suggestion is a single mirror (floor-length is wonderful but any large mirror will do) at the dead-end of a hallway.

It's a fun design trick to add a mirror there, looking almost like a portal through the hall into another space. 

Get a Full-Length to Open Up Space

It was already mentioned that mirrors make a room appear larger, but a large, full-length mirror is one of the best ways to do this.

Not only are full-length mirrors great for your daily styling habits, taking outfit of the day photos, and just being a fun decorative piece of your space. They also reflect so much light and cover so much room that they open up your space.

Place them strategically (it might take a few tries) and you'll be shocked at the amount of extra space your new mirror decor appears to have opened up.

It's a trick of the eye, naturally, but it's great for redecorating and giving your room a light and airy feel. People with small bedrooms or tight studio apartments, take note of this designing hack. 

Put Them Where You'd Least Expect Them

Everyone has a mirror behind their sinks, in their entryway, and probably somewhere in the bedroom or on a vanity. Yawn

Putting mirrors in unusual places is surprising and fun, and there's no reason not to do it.

Throw some mirrors in your kitchen so you can watch yourself, cook! Put mirrors on the narrow edges of archways in your home. You can even get tabletop mirrors to place as decorations in unexpected places. 

Do you think you need a mirror on your bookshelf? You're the king of your castle now, so you can place them wherever you like. 

They'll add interest by reflecting a little bit of light, but they'll also just be fun little items to have around the home. 

Reshape the Classics

There's nothing wrong with keeping mirrors where we expect them either. 

Mirrors over the sinks and in the bedroom make complete sense, but what if you changed their shapes?

Adding a big, circular mirror above your makeup counter or vanity instead of the standard rectangle or arch adds interest and a fun new shape to the room.

You can also use circular mirrors in the bathroom, especially if you have double sinks. The shape is pleasing to the eye and can change the look of the space.

Round Mirror

How Will You Play With Mirror Decor?

When you start thinking of mirrors as art instead of just functional objects, there's so much to be done in the world of mirror decor. 

They can go anywhere and jazz up any living space, you just need to get a little bit creative and break conventions. Why do mirrors have to be where we've always put them? Why do they have to be the same shape? It's your house, decorate it how you like.

If you want to get some mirrors for your decorating purposes, check out our shop. There are mirrors for every wall and surface, you'll find something to fit your needs.

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