The Latest Mirror Interior Design Trends for 2023

Did you know that the first mirrors were invented around 600 BC? These ancient mirrors were black because they were made from obsidian, also known as volcanic glass. Mirrors today are much more efficient and widely available. 

But mirror interior design can be hard to figure out. What's the best place to put a mirror? What places should you avoid?

Keep reading and learn more about different mirror styles and design trends. 

Round Mirrors

Round mirrors are more popular than ever and for good reason. They are unique because of their shape. The rounded edges give them a softer look.

They also go very well with different interior design styles. This is one of the many reasons why round mirrors make such a great option. 

Round mirrors come in many different sizes and styles. Minimalist round mirrors are especially popular. They don't have a very prominent frame. 

Black Frame Round Mirror

Some don't have a frame at all. This ensures that the mirror takes up less space. It also makes the mirror look larger than it is. 

A round mirror is a very stylish choice because most homes don't have round mirrors. Your guests will be immediately impressed as soon as they see a beautiful round mirror in your home. 

Large mirrors are especially eye-catching. They are great additions to the bathroom, living room, and hallway. Some mirrors are lit from behind too. 

The Details

This gives the mirror a more unique look. It also makes it easier to see the details of your face in the mirror. This is why many bathrooms have round backlit mirrors. 

Round mirrors are also ideal if you want to soften the appearance of a room. Suppose your living room has furniture and art with many sharp edges. These sharp, geometrical forms can make your living room feel uncomfortable. 

But adding a large, round mirror can fix that problem. This is because the mirror will create a sense of balance throughout the room. This makes the space more comfortable and welcoming. 

A round mirror is also a good focal point. The eye is naturally drawn to the mirror due to its unique shape and style. The mirror doesn't have to be large if you don't think it fits in the space. 

You can experiment with several small round mirrors too. This will still change the look and feel of the space. 

Mirrors With Unique Frames

You don't have to get a round mirror for your home to have a unique sense of style. There are other mirror decor options and mirror decorations you can use instead. Mirrors with unique frames are very popular. 

Some mirrors don't have any frames or instead have very thin frames. This is fine for a minimalist home, but it may not fit your home. Mirrors with more noticeable and unique frames may complement your home much more. 

There are many different frames you can choose from. More artistic frames help add a dash of extra style to your home. They can also make your mirror appear more like a work of art. 

This is ideal if you have a large space on your wall and need something to fill it with. A large mirror with a unique frame will do the trick. Some mirrors have thick, gilded frames. 

This makes them look more vintage and interesting. This is because few mirrors have these frames anymore. This style is perfect for a more rustic home or one with a more retro style. 

What You Need to Know

Gilded frames can also make your space look far more luxurious. Gold is the most popular shade for these frames, but there are others you can choose from. White is another popular option. 

mirror interior design

This keeps prevents the mirror from sucking up all the attention in the room. Some mirror frames are also made of more mirrors. This ensures that every inch of the mirror is put to use. 

It also makes the frame more visually interesting and sleek. It is perfect for more modern homes. There are also mirrors with black or dark brown frames. 

These styles can also help contribute to the modern style of your home. 

Extra Large Mirrors

Suppose you have a small space in your home that you don't know what to do with. It looks small and cramped no matter what you do. A large mirror can fix this problem.

Large mirrors are great at making a small space look much larger. This is because it gives the illusion that the space is twice as large as it is. This makes it perfect for small bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, offices, and so on. 

Many restaurants use this trick to make their space appear larger. Most large mirrors don't have any frames which allow the mirror to blend in with the wall more easily. 

It also enhances the illusion of the room. Small frames shouldn't get in the way of the illusion either.

A common trend involves using large mirrors in the dining room. This also makes the space appear more spacious and more visually entertaining. 

Arch Backlit Mirror

All About Mirror Interior Design

There are many mirror interior design trends you can try out. Using round mirrors is a great way to soften an otherwise harsh environment. Using mirrors with interesting frames can bring more interest and intrigue into your home. 

Extra large mirrors are also great for making a space appear larger. To learn more about mirrors for your home, check out our selection

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