How to Use LED Mirrors to Upgrade Your Home's Style

LED mirrors have been rising in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic; you're spending so much time at home, so why not enhance your space with illuminated mirrors?

LED mirrors are a staple for a variety of communities. You get a perfect mirror to look into and an illuminating light to see yourself in. If you're someone who adores doing your make-up, or if you're not a fan of dim rooms, then an LED mirror is for you! 

Are you looking to bump up your interior home design? Are you a home renovator who wants more light in the house? Look no further because we've got your dream decor. Continue reading so you can know the many benefits of an LED mirror. 

What Are LED Mirrors?

Don't get confused about the name; LED mirrors are pretty much just mirrors. The only difference is that you don't have to worry about flipping on your dingy bathroom light.

An LED mirror has LED bulbs attached to the surface to give off a bright light. These are helpful when the lights in your house aren't appealing. Not everyone enjoys a dull room, and that's why mirrors with LED lights are a must for every homeowner!

Oval LED Mirror

Front-Lit vs Back-Lit LED Mirrors

There are two main types of LED mirrors: front-lit and back-lit designs. A front-lit design is going to have the LED bulbs sitting where you can see them on the surface. This light is much brighter since it's angled toward your face.

A back-lit mirror with LED places the bulb behind the mirror. This gives your mirror an elegant illuminated glow that brightens the room! This light is subtle and perfect for people who don't enjoy too much brightness in the morning. 

Why You Should Get an LED Mirror

Regular mirrors aren't going to give you the light you need. You'll be looking into a dull mirror without much confidence about how you look. An LED mirror will brighten your house in and out!

Here are a few reasons why you should look into switching your mirrors to something more elegant and efficient. 

1. It Gives Better Lighting

A mirror with LED light is going to give you light like no other. Regular household lights tend to have an unappealing yellow colour or aren't bright enough. These mirrors are designed to give you a better view of yourself as well as the things around you.

Do you spend a nice amount of your morning or night grooming? An LED mirror makes this process relaxing and easier to do. You can see your face clearly and appreciate your beauty! Not only that, you'll have a boost in accuracy when applying make-up or shaving. 

2. It's Easy to Use

LED mirrors work with a click of a button. You don't have to worry about an exhausting setup process. LED mirror companies such as Mirror City offer installation services to take any stress off your back.

Dealing with mirrors can be scary. One wrong move and you can be in a whirlwind of trouble and bad luck! Get in touch with a mirror company that offers hanging services so your experience runs smoothly. 

Some LED mirrors are dimmable and others have touch sensors. These elements make your mirror with LED lights easier to use, so consider investing in these high-quality LED mirror types.

3. Anti-Fog LED Mirrors

A foggy bathroom is normal, but what are the consequences of all this humidity? Mould grows in places of moisture or water. When your bathroom gets too foggy, mould spores can be a consequence. 

LED Mirror

Certain LED mirrors have an anti-fog feature to prevent mould growth. You're not only gaining an elegant bathroom but a hygienic one as well.

4. You Can Bump Up Your Decor 

LED mirrors can turn your old school bathroom into something from the movies. Back-lit mirrors enhance your room no matter where they are placed, and front-lit mirrors brighten the space better than any regular bulb. 

Are you a home renovator wondering how you can make a room look more high-quality? Look into buying a mirror with LED so you can have a luxurious home experience. 

LED mirror

5. It's Inexpensive

The best part of getting an LED mirror is that they are extremely inexpensive in the long run. You will save money on your electricity bill by using an LED mirror. The investment is worth it if you hate paying those high electric costs at the beginning of the month. 

LED lights are energy efficient and last longer than regular bulbs. They emit less heat and are overall a safer option for lighting your home! 

Where to Get an LED Mirror

So you know everything about LED mirrors, but where can you get one? If you're looking for a mirror that is both high-quality and from a trustworthy company, look into a business such as Mirror City.

Mirror City transforms your room from simple to sophisticated. With the largest array of mirrors in Sydney, Mirror City takes the cake as having one of the best mirror collections in the industry. Finding the perfect mirror has never been easier with Mirror City's endless styles, colours, and sizes. 

A Taste of Inexpensive Elegance: LED Mirrors!

We all want our home to look luxurious, and LED mirrors are a perfect way to bump up your home's decor. An LED mirror is efficient, inexpensive, and a way to boost your daily confidence. You won't ever go back to regular mirrors after having your first LED mirror!

Mirror City is a decorative mirror company that sells everything from wall mirrors to full-length mirrors. Drop us a line so we can help you get your LED journey started today!

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