Charlotte Ornate Champagne Wall Mirror


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This is a great decorative mirror whose beauty can be seen from afar thanks to its large size and champagne finish. Charlotte Ornate Champagne Wall Mirror comes with one of the best frames that has been adorned with incredible details. The outer boundary has a series of designs while the center of the frame is completely plain with a bulging look. The inner boundary, on the other hand, is fitted with simpler details. The reflecting surface sits well within the arty frame, and the resultant piece is a gorgeous mirror that can match well with your mirrored furniture. Just make sure that you use it in antique or rustic interior design if at all you want to end up with a lovely look in your home.

Other than the beauty of Charlotte Ornate Champagne Wall Mirror frame, the other thing that is incredible is the reflecting surface. It has been nicely secured within the frame and held in place firmly. Its large size enables it to deliver a very big image and also a massive reflection from the morning sun thus giving your home that rare early morning look.

The height of the mirror makes it just the perfect piece to have to lean on an idle wall or hang it in the living room where sunrays can easily reach and bounce of incredibly thus leaving your house completely lit. Charlotte Ornate Champagne Wall Mirror is the kind of mirror that your neighbours wouldn’t fail to notice thanks to its glossy champagne finish and its incredible size.

This product has been handcrafted through manual processes and as a result, may contain slight flaws and variations in colour and finish. These minor imperfections are standard characteristics and uniqueness of our beautifully handmade products.

  • Mirror available in three sizes:
    • W 72cm x H 92cm
    • W 85cm x H 171cm
    • W 114cm x H 194cm
  • Dispatched in 2 to 8 weeks
  • Features:
    • Flaunts a baroque design with a traditional touch
    • Broad solid frame with intricate carvings
  • Material: Wood
  • Orientation: Landscape or Portrait
  •  SD Mirror Quality
  •  May contain minor imperfections
  • Shipping: Australia-wide

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Charlotte Ornate Champagne Wall Mirror

Charlotte Ornate Champagne Wall Mirror