Venus Ornate Gold Wall Mirror


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Venus Ornate Gold Wall Mirror is deluxe enough to be considered just as a reflecting surface. It has an antique look with a twist. The general mirror appears modish, and the wooden frame appears more of antique. This only means that the mirror has the ability to suit any interior design regardless of the wall colors. It beams flamboyantly and will make your house have an extravagant feel.

It can be used to showcase your social status and remind everyone that you are a classy man/woman. The Venus Ornate Gold Wall Mirror is exactly what you need in your bedroom on one wall and a painting on the other so that it can show its reflective capabilities. Someone can hang it either horizontally or vertically. The large ones look much more interesting when hanged horizontally, but the small pieces are amazing in a vertical alignment. Showcase your brilliant taste with this mirror, and you won't regret.

  • Additional delay due to Covid restrictions in VIC
  • Features: Intrigue Ornate Filigree with floral accents
  • Mounting Method: Metal Hangers
  • Mirror Edge: Bevelled
  • Orientation: Landscape or Portrait
  • Colour: Gold
  • Available in different sizes
  • Overall Sizes
    • 71 x 81 cm
    • 81 x 112 cm
    • 81 x 142 cm
    • 81 x 173 cm
    • 81 x 203 cm
    • 97 x 122 cm
    • 112 x 142 cm
    • 112 x 203 cm
    • 122 x 173 cm
    • 142 x 203 cm
  • Frame Width: 108mm
  • Frame Height: 75mm
  •  SD Mirror Quality
  • Shipping: Australia-wide
  • See other variants of Venus wall mirror

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    Venus Ornate Gold Wall Mirror

    Venus Ornate Gold Wall Mirror