Felicity Ornate Silver Wall Mirror


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If you want a mirror with an outstanding finish and an incredible look then this is exactly looking what you are looking for. This mirror is designed to beautify your home and make the whole place glow with elegance. What will impress you most is the frame.

Felicity Ornate Silver Wall Mirror comes with some unique designs well scattered throughout. Some are at the corners while others at the center thus giving It an astounding look like no other. The craftsmanship involved is remarkable and the silvery finish magnifies its beauty even further. What should worry you is the number of compliments and praises that will come your way once your visitors notice the huge transformation made by the floral details that have been artistically done on the corners of the frame.

Felicity Ornate Silver Wall Mirror can also fit in different interior designs be it modern or traditional. The best way to make it visible and utilize its unique beauty maximally is by hanging it on the wall directly opposite the door. This will ensure that it is the first thing your visitors set their eyes on when they enter your chic house.

This product has been handcrafted through manual processes and as a result, may contain slight flaws and variations in colour and finish. These minor imperfections are the standard characteristics and uniqueness of our beautifully handmade products. 

  • Mirror Dimensions:
    • W 65cm x L 7.5cm x H 90cm
    • W 78cm x L 7cm x H 138cm
    • W 78cm x L 5cm x H 178cm
    • W 114cm x H 190cm
  •  Dispatched in 2 to 8 weeks
  • Material: Wood
  • Features:
    • Design inspired by the ornate style
    • Carvings in the corners and in the centre points along the edges
    • Grooved frame
  • Finish: Silver finish
  •  SD Mirror Quality
  •  May contain minor imperfections
  • Shipping: Australia-wide

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Felicity Ornate Silver Wall Mirror

Felicity Ornate Silver Wall Mirror