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Every bathroom needs to have a mirror. Each time you use the bathroom, ... you undoubtedly look in the mirror to check your appearance and make sure you are presenting yourself well. When doing so, you'll feel even better about yourself when you are looking at yourself in an attractive bathroom mirror. 

Your options are virtually endless when it comes to bathroom mirrors. There are so many styles available, enabling you to choose one as the focal point of your bathroom. Then, you can build the rest of the decor in the room around it. Even if you already have a decorative theme for your bathroom, you can find a unique mirror to complement it. 

Bathroom mirrors tend to be smaller in size primarily because bathrooms tend to be smaller rooms. Don't let their small size fool you into thinking they can't still have a major impact. To make the bathroom mirror in your Sydney home truly stand out, look for one with a frame in a unique shape. Keep the rest of the decor around it simple, allowing the mirror to speak for itself. 

If you prefer a more ornate decorative style, you will not be disappointed with our offerings. Delicate coils look great with floral motifs, and thicker coils complement elegant styles. For more modern decor, choose a mirror with a coloured enamel frame that lends a dose of whimsy. To create a rustic look, choose a wooden frame in a soft tone. 

There are so many ways to style decorative bathroom mirrors in your Sydney home. Here at Mirror City, we have many mirrors in this category for you to choose from. If you need guidance in narrowing down your choices, we will be happy to help. Get in touch with us if you have any questions. We're always happy to talk home design with our customers. 

Upgrading your bathroom is one of the easiest (and least costly) ways to add value to your home. Whether you plan to sell your home in the near future or intend to stay for a long time, this small investment can have a major return. Not only that, but it also makes your home that much more enjoyable to live in. Let us help you update your bathroom decor with our diverse selection of bathroom mirrors in Sydney. Your dream home awaits! 

  • Ablaze Matte Black Round Shaving Mirror

    Remembering the utility part of the end clients, this wall-mounted vanity or shaving mirror features an extendable arm up to 33cm and twofold sided highlights is a vital commitment to your...
  • Ablaze Contractor Glass Frame Bathroom Mirror

    This mirror is made with a clear glass frame surrounds a 2cm bevel center mirror to give a simple mirror an exciting look with a modern twist. This mirror is...
    From $199.00
  • Serena Silver Ornate Wall Mirror

    This incredible piece of decor has some charm that you can't avoid. It is very gorgeous and ideally great to suit whichever interior design that you have. This is a...
    From $199.00
  • Serena White Ornate Wall Mirror

    This remarkable white large wall mirror is a beauty like no other. It is packed with a number of amazing features that have been put together to give you that...
    From $199.00
  • Serena Black Ornate Wall Mirror

    This mirror features an explicit black frame that is made up of timber with a number of ornate designs running all over the frame. It is meant to complement any...
    From $199.00
  • Serena Gold Ornate Wall Mirror

    This is a mirror that can surely make your day better by just looking at it. It has one of those gorgeous designs that you only see in movies. It...
    From $199.00
    Sold Out

    Alexus Gold 4x Magnification Shaving Mirror

    Alexus Gold 4x Magnification Shaving Mirror magnifying mirror highlighting a cleaned gold completion includes style and a feeling of magnificence to your room. This mirror can be collapsed retreat from the...
  • Ablaze 8X Magnification Shaving Mirror

    Material: Brass Features: Chrome plated brass with extendable arm up to 33cm Measurement: 20cm x 20cm mirror size Mirror on two sides: 1x and 8x magnification Warranty: 1 year Weight: 3 kg...
  • Ablaze Contractor Frosted Glass Bathroom Mirror

    We introduce our Ablaze Contractor Frosted Glass Bathroom Mirror that features a frosted frame in modern feel with an option to include demister. This classic piece will surely enhance any bathroom...
    From $209.00
  • Ablaze Contractor Grey Glass Bathroom Mirror

    Ablaze Contractor Grey Glass Bathroom Mirror features a unique and modern twist coloured float glass frame surrounds a 2cm bevel glass in the center. This mirror would be perfect for all...
    From $209.00
  • Ablaze Contractor Slump Glass Frame Bathroom Mirror

    Material: Silver bevelled mirror on slump glass with optional demister Orientation: Landscape or Portrait Mirror Thickness: 5mm Glass and 4mm Mirror Mounting Method: Metal Hangers Features: Glass Border.  Metal hangers....
    From $209.00
  • Avery Winter Wall Mirror

    Avery Winter Wall Mirror

    Supported by rich industry experience and market understanding, we offer you this 31" spacious Avery Winter Wall Mirror. This classic design mirror is versatile with exceptional quality. This highly durable mirror eliminates reflection distortion goes...
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