Belinda Silver Wall Mirror


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Belinda Silver Wall Mirror is a simple, lovely and fascinating mirror that has been developed to conform to any interior design. It is a mirror with great sight to behold and an ingenious finish that will always give your home the feeling of tranquillity. It features a silver inner frame with perfect squares gently placed on its corner. The colour of the details rhyme with the mirror and they are bold enough to be seen from afar.

The uniformity is stunning, and the silver finish is just amazing enough to give it that incredible appearance. What you have to do is make sure that you hang it on a very visible spot so that it can easily be seen. It will gently radiate its beauty to its surrounding and live your home glittering with its fine reflecting surface. Belinda silver large wall mirror has everything that you can ever want in a mirror.

  • Additional delay due to Covid restrictions in VIC
  • Features: Inner Silver Trim With Elegant Silver Corners
  • Mounting Method: Metal Hangers
  • Mirror Edge: Bevelled
  • Orientation: Landscape or Portrait
  • Colour: Silver
  • Available in different sizes
  • Overall Size
    • 55 x 65 cm (center mirror: 40 x 50 cm)
    • 65 x 75 cm (center mirror: 50 x 60 cm)
    • 75 x 106 cm (center mirror: 60 x 91 cm)
    • 75 x 137 cm (center mirror: 60 x 122 cm, weight: 14kg)
    • 80 x 172 cm (*) (center mirror: 60 x 152 cm)
    • 91 x 116 cm (center mirror: 76 x 101 cm)
    • 111 x 141 cm (*) (center mirror: 91 x 121 cm)
    • 111 x 202 cm (*) (center mirror: 91 x 182 cm)
    • 121 x 172 cm (*) (center mirror: 101 x 152 cm)
  • Frame Width: 78mm
  • Frame Height: 25mm
  • (*) Wider Frame: 100mm
  •  SD Mirror Quality
  • Shipping: Australia-wide

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Belinda Silver Wall Mirror

Belinda Silver Wall Mirror