What Home Decor Mistakes Should I Avoid When Hanging a Mirror?

Mirrors of all shapes and sizes can be remarkably versatile when decorating a home. They create visual interest by reflecting light and even help to make a room look bigger than it actually is. But mirrors can also be tricky to decorate with -- if you do it wrong, your room could look completely out-of-shape. Here are a few important décor don'ts when it comes to hanging a mirror in key rooms in your home. 

1. Hanging a Mirror Opposite Your Bed is a No-No 

The general rule-of-thumb when hanging mirrors is that you can't just hang them anywhere you please. There are a few golden rules, such as not hanging a mirror directly opposite your bed. 

Mirrors should be hung with space, alignment, and light in mind. By hanging a mirror opposite your bed, this could be disruptive to your sleep. Mirrors are known as activators because of how they bounce light around. Ultimately, this doesn't make for a very restorative night's sleep. 

The same goes for hanging a mirror above your bed. First of all, it's dangerous. Second, the mirror could end up doubling the amount of activity in the room, which detracts from the peaceful environment it should be.

2. Don't Hang a Mirror Opposite Your Front Door

According to Feng Shui, it's considered bad luck to hang a mirror opposite your front door. Whether you follow the principles of Feng Shui or not, hanging a mirror here is also a hazard. 

If you have not secured the mirror correctly, a strong draft through the door could easily blow it off the wall. Even if it's well secured, this could still happen over time, by wear and tear of the wall mount. 

According to Feng Shui, hanging a mirror opposite your front door deflects good energy from entering your home. The philosophy claims to push opportunity and wealth out of the door, rather than through it.

A mirror opposite your front door can also be startling to visitors entering your home. Rather than seeing you first, they will see themselves. This can detract from your warm welcome and could make your guests feel uncomfortable. 

This is also an important factor to keep in mind when trying to sell your house. Don't allow a mirror to become a distraction or deterrent to potential home buyers!  

3. Avoid Hanging a Mirror Above tall Fireplaces

If your fireplace is taller than 170CM then mounting a mirror above is not a good idea because the point of the mirror is lost completely. Generally, the mirror is hung too high, which then reflects awkward parts of the room, such as the ceiling. Let's be honest -- no one wants to stare at your ceiling! 

Mirror Above the Fireplace

Instead, if your fireplace is taller than 170CM, opt for a colourful art piece or decorate the fire mantel with personalized bits and bobs. Remember to hang mirrors at eye-level so that they reflect the most beautiful or meaningful parts of a room.

4. Not All Full-Length Mirrors Should be Hung

Believe it or not, full-length mirrors don't have to be mounted to the wall in order to serve their purpose or enhance the room. Full-length mirrors are usually large and tall enough to stand on their own and make an impact. 

By simply leaning a full-length mirror against the wall or in a corner of the room, it serves as both a decorative piece and will make your room look bigger.

This is also a great way to create a focal point in the room, adding depth and dimension to space. 

5. Use Mirrors to Reflect Light, Not Deflect Light

The beauty of using a mirror as part of your décor is that it allows you to play with the light in the room. But remember to reflect and bounce light around, not deflect it from the room. 

If you have a dark hallway, bedroom, or small bathroom, a mirror can be used to reflect natural light from a window to make space look brighter and bigger.

Asa Minimalistic Modern Brass Round Mirror

Place mirrors where they will be hit directly by natural light -- either on the wall perpendicular or opposite to the window. You can even take it up a notch and opt for a windowpane mirror to really activate the light in the room.  

6. Don't Forget About the Dining Room 

If there was one room in your home that should be decorated with a beautiful, ornate mirror, it's the dining room. Don't make the mistake of forgoing this room just because you don't use it that often. 

The dining room is an area of the home you can ''dress up'' a bit. If this room has a beautiful chandelier, a mirror will help to reflect its glistening crystals. A well-placed mirror in the dining room also doubles the size and character of the room. 

If your dining room is on the small side, there's no need to overwhelm the space with a large mirror. Stick to a simple sideboard, topped with a simple mirror.  

7. Size Up, Not Down in the Bathroom

Asa Minimalist Curve Modern Brass Wall Mirror

When it comes to the bathroom, you have full permission to go all out when hanging mirrors. If you're decorating a small bathroom, swap out a small mirror with a wall-size version to really open up the room. This is a great fix for a claustrophobic, outdated space. 

The materials within the bathroom also help to play off the reflective shape and size of a mirror -- making it the perfect décor piece. 

8. Use Mirrors to Enhance, Not Distract

If you aren't using a full-length mirror as a focal point, then a mirror should be hung with the purpose of enhancing a room, not overpowering it.

Use a mirror to reflect a beautiful corner or even an outdoor landscape. Make sure to angle your mirror in such a way that it adds to space, without creating a distraction. 

Round Decorative Mirror

For example, you don't want to hang a mirror in such a way that you're left staring at yourself or worse, reflecting your television. If you're lucky enough to have a beautiful view, use a large mirror to reflect this, which will enhance your living space. 

Bring Your Home to Life with Mirror City 

There really is no exact science to hanging a mirror, but we hope these tips steer you in the right direction when decorating your home.

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    The first advice in your column is to not hang a mirror over a fireplace. Yet the last picture in your article, as you describe how it enhances a space, you show a mirror over a fireplace.

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