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White Decorative Metallic Frame Round Mirror

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Colour: WHITE

White Decorative Metallic Frame Round Mirror is a wonderful mirror with one of the most incredible frame designs there is. It features a metallic frame with rich details and white finish.

The round wall mirror is so good if you are one of those mirror enthusiasts who love to go all bold and glamorous.

The corners of the metallic frame feature the scout emblem just that this one has some incredible extensions that have been devised with an intent to cover the whole frame.

It is so ingenious how someone can come up with such an interesting thought. The White Decorative Metallic Frame Round Mirror  fits perfectly within the square frame making it look even much more alluring.

This is a mirror you wouldn't want to miss in your living room. It is both bold, vibrant and very beautiful. You stand to gain a lot by just hanging it on the wall. The white finish will make it stand out and attract so much attention without any problems


  • Width: 1cm
  • Length: 90cm
  • Height: 90cm
  • Weight: 8kg

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