Verka Marble Look Wall Mirror


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The ability of this Verka Marble Look Wall Mirror to provide one of the most interesting and stunning looks in your home is fascinating. The mirror veers from the ordinary wooden and metallic designs and introduces a marble design that is not only elegant but also unique.

Its tallness 50cm by 130cm makes it just the best mirror in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane. Verka Marble Look Wall Mirror can adorn any home flawlessly. This is the kind of mirror that will stand out perfectly when hanged on a dark-coloured empty wall.

Its unique finish can match well with mirrored furniture and radiate beauty like no other. The size gives it that incredible aptitude to stand out. The reflecting surface sits flawlessly within the marble frame, enhancing its overall look further. It is with no doubt the best decorative wall mirror for a modern home with modern finishes. At the end of the day, what you get is not only one of the best mirrors online but also the best mirror also a great décor for your home. The only problem you will face is which room to place it since it can blend almost anywhere.

This product has been handcrafted through manual processes and as a result, may contain slight flaws and variations in colour and finish. These minor imperfections are standard characteristics and uniqueness of our beautifully handmade products.

  • Mirror Dimensions:
    • W 70cm x H 100cm
    • W 50cm x H 130cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Finish: Marble finish look
  •  SD Mirror Quality
  •  May contain minor imperfections
  • Shipping: Australia-wide

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Verka Marble Look Wall Mirror

Verka Marble Look Wall Mirror