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Sheree White Wall Mirror

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  • 85cm x 5cm x 140cm
  • Material: Pinewood

This amazing large white wall mirror is exactly what you need if at all you are into class and elegance. It has been designed with skills and concentration to come up with an amazing reflecting surface as well as an incredible decorate. Everything fits precisely into place, and the finish is marvelous. Its arch shape is very distinct, and the top curves are incredibly giving it a rustic look that will suit most if not all house designs are it modern, antique or vintage.

The details of the outer frame are very simple and visible. When you take a look at the whole mirror though, there is some sort of sophistication that not just anyone can fathom. There are smaller mirrors surrounding the middle mirror. These are meant to amplify the sophistication and give the mirror a whole new look that is very likable. The white finish makes Sheree white wall mirror phenomenal.

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