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Philip Rustic Round Metal Mirror

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Colour: Rustic Metal
Material: Metal and Mirror

Philip mirror is a round wall mirror with some distinct ideas that make it very gorgeous to look at. So much seems to have been done on this mirror to make sure it is unique and attractive. The metallic frame with a brown gold wash is simpler enough but very charming. But what will leave you astonished is how they were able to incorporate another detail within the mirror so flawlessly.

Philip mirror comes with two distinct shapes, the circular shape which is the outer one and the flower shape that is incorporated within the circular shape. The idea is ingenious, and the end result is just way too beautiful. If you are looking for a simple mirror with a little bit of a twist, then Philip mirror should be your number one choice. The mirror is undoubtedly amazing, and the appearance is very appealing. It will really look lovely on any wall in your home.

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