Natalia Mirrored Frame Standing Mirror


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Achieving any fashionable look on any mirror deserves a very special type of intuition and in-depth awareness of the various styles around. You need to go far and beyond to be able to pull out a glamorous, unique look. This is certainly what we did with Natalia Mirrored Frame Standing Mirror.

This mirror has one of the most remarkable frame styles around. It comes with a mirrored frame that has silvery beads throughout the inner and outer border of the frame. It then has mirror panels neatly placed within the border with a glossy finish.

To finish up with the mirror, they added a stand that holds it steadily on the floor. Natalia Mirrored Frame Standing Mirror is so far one of the most rated floor mirrors all thanks to its incredible looks. You will never add any more décor in your home with this mirror around!!

This product has been handcrafted through manual processes and as a result, may contain slight flaws and variations in colour and finish. These minor imperfections are standard characteristics and uniqueness of our beautifully handmade products.

  • Mirror Dimension: 55 x 165 CM
  •  Dispatched in 2 to 8 weeks
  • Features: 
    • Beaded interlay surround the reflective mirror
    • Mirrored frame edge
    • Bevel center mirror 
  •  SD Mirror Quality
  •  May contain minor imperfections
  • Shipping: Australia-wide

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Natalia Mirrored Frame Standing Mirror

Natalia Mirrored Frame Standing Mirror