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Morris Wall Mirror Ow - Ay1062

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  • 80cm LÂ x 119cm H

There is more than just glamour with a rectangle mirror. When any simple design is incorporated, they tend to look prettier and very appealing. With that said, imagine how amazing your home will look like if you had a rectangle mirror with unique, bold details incorporated on its design. If at all you want to find out how well such as mirror will enhance the beauty of your living space then get this amazing Morris wall mirror.

It has an alluring frame that you will undoubtedly covet. The wooden frame features a slated timber material. And to make it even vibrant and more attractive, it is polished with a stone grey paint. The mirror is then well placed in the middle of the frame, and the resultant mirror design will leave you speechless. This is exactly what you want hanging on your living room bedroom and even those spacious modern walk-in bathrooms.

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