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Grey And White Rectangular Inlay Frame Wall Mirror

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Material: INLAY

If there is one color that you can enjoy having as part of your interior design is gray. It is known to give your home that soft look. When merged with white you get a whole new bright look that is more advanced.

This is why the Grey and White Rectangular Inlay Frame Wall Mirror with gray and white inlay frame has steadily maintained the top spot and has managed to remain relevant even after the production of other mirror designs.

Its style is much more unique and sophisticated thanks to the frame design. You can't help but notice how the patterns look flawless. Its incredibility is much more realized when you base your facts on its reflection capabilities.

Its clarity is great and you get to enjoy every single bit of the image produced. This mirror fits well in a brightly colored interior design. It will certainly improve the brightness of your home and add that unlimited glamor that can only be realized by this mirror.


  • Width: 3cm
  • Length: 62cm
  • Height: 83cm
  • Weight: 10.1kg

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