Gold Lace Metal Frame Wall Mirror

Gold Lace Metal Frame Wall Mirror

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Colour: GOLD

If you want to transform your living room into a haven of beauty and class, then this mirror is exactly what you should shop for. Its beauty is immense, and that goes without saying.

All you need is this incredible mirror to complete the fashion puzzle. Gold Lace Metal Frame Wall Mirror features some of the most amazing designs on its metallic frame that have been well placed making it look great.

It comes with one of the most admirable mirror frames there is in the market with a gold finish giving it that regal appearance that every living soul covets. It has been designed for a plush home with high-end décor and furniture.

The frame appears perforated with incredible patterns and small flowers being seen all over the section of the frame. If you want a lovely looking home with that royal atmosphere, then get this Gold Lace Metal Frame Wall Mirror.


  • Width: 2.5cm
  • Length: 90cm
  • Height: 120cm
  • Weight: 14.5kg

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