Dove Silver Arched Wall Mirror Local


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  • Arched window-style wall mirror
  • Iron frame with a glamour look
  • 107.5cm x 4cm x 154.5cm
  • 24.1 kg weight
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The most unique thing that will capture your attention with this dove arched mirror is its silvery polished iron frame. The simple fact that the frame is silvery makes a huge difference when it comes to its appearance. Silver is known to be a color that can transform any piece of equipment effortlessly. Its transformative nature is greatly witnessing on this incredible dove arched mirror. You get to see a sight like no other.

The mirror panes blend well with the frame enhancing it much further. Everything comes together to give a much better decorative mirror than its contemporaries. You can easily fit it on one of your bedroom walls or either of the living room walls to end up with an incredible modish look. You can also fit it in any house design be it antique, vintage or modern. With such an impeccable look, the beauty of your home will be undoubtedly magnified.