Dove Arched Wall Mirror Ow- Rn8229 Local

Dove Arched Wall Mirror Ow- Rn8229

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  • Arched window-style wall mirror
  • Features symmetrical shapes and lines
  • Iron frame for a classic, timeless look
  • Measures 107.5cm x 4cm x 154.5cm
  • Weighs 24.1 kg

If you are always fascinated by the ancient window designs like those that were found on ancient castles, then this dove arched wall mirror is exactly what you want in your living space. It comprises of a dove arched metal frame and a number of symmetric metal lines running in a different direction. The metallic frame is strong and durable enough making it a very important part of the design.

It is then fitted with 20 mirrors of different shapes and sizes sealing the whole frame to come up with an amazing window like a mirror. You can place this mirror in your living room opposite the window so that when the sun rays hit the surface, the bounce back creating an amazing phenomenon. Its size is compelling, and the dove shape is irresistibly amazing. With this in your living room or dining area, you will be able to create the desirable laidback atmosphere everyone wants.

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