Decorative Glittery Frame Wall Mirror

Decorative Glittery Frame Wall Mirror

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Colour: MULTI
Material: MIRROR/MDF

Every mirror design has a specific type of people that it will always interest.  There are other types of mirrors like Decorative Glittery Frame Wall Mirror that are designed to charm everyone including those who don't have a thing for mirrors.

This is because the design is great. Talking of Decorative Glittery Frame Wall Mirror, this piece of decor is one of a kind. Every single charm is incorporated into its glittery frame.

The full-length wall mirror comes with a lovely frame made up of a number of mirrors put together to form a piece that looks like a half shining sun.

The pieces are then placed around the mirrors thus forming the frame. This mirror alone in enough to update the interiors of your home. You can either hang it to increase the area of reflection or simply lean it on the wall to act as a floor mirror.

It is one mirror that can easily scatter the rays of the sun across the room in a pleasant way.


  • Width: 117cm
  • Length: 65.5cm
  • Height: TBA
  • Weight: 13kg

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