Elsa Large Silver Beaded Wall Mirror


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The numerous sizes of Elsa wall mirror are created to suit your preferences and also offer you a wide range of uses. These include a large one for your living wall, a medium-sized on the dining room wall and a much larger one for the bedroom wall where you will be able to make use of its wide reflective surface. What is so stunning about Elsa wall mirror is the frame features.

It comes with incredible side panels that are mirrored with silvery beads spanning all over the frame both inside and outside. The center mirror is bevelled to create a lavish look which makes the mirror much more impressive. The mirror is designed to fit a posh home and give it a classy feel. You can have it hanged horizontally or vertically to different suite locations of your home and reflect the morning sun once it hits its clear reflecting surface.

  • Features:
    • Silver champagne coloured beading strips with a streaked champagne edge
    • Mirror is bevelled
  • Mounting Method: Metal Hangers
  • Mirror Edge: Bevelled
  • Orientation: Landscape or Portrait
  • Colour: Silver
  • Available in different sizes:
    • 50cm x 4.5cm D x 140cm, centre mirror size: 35cm x 125cm 
    • 55 x 160 cm Cheval (with stand)
    • 60cm x 4.5cm D x 75cm, centre mirror size: 45cm x 60cm 
    • 70cm x 4.5cm D x 100cm, centre mirror size: 55cm x 85cm, weight: 11 kgs
    • 80cm x 4.5cm D x 140cm, centre mirror size: 60cm x 120cm, weight: 16 kgs
    • 80cm x 5cm D x 170cm, centre mirror size: 56cm x 144cm, weight: 21 kgs
    • 90cm x 4.5cm D x 120cm, centre mirror size: 70cm x 100cm, weight: 15 kgs
    • 110 x 140 cm 
    • 110cm x 5cm D x 200cm, centre mirror size: 86cm x 176cmweight: 30 kgs
    • 120cm x 5cm D x 170cmcentre mirror size: 96cm x 144cm, weight: 26 kgs
  • SD Mirror Quality
  • Shipping: Australia-wide
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Elsa Large Silver Beaded Wall Mirror

Elsa Large Silver Beaded Wall Mirror