Constanza Large Silver Ornate Wall Mirror


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With a great mirror comes a great reflection and that is exactly what Constanza Large Silver Ornate Wall Mirror will help you achieve once you have it in your possession. The mirror comes in multiple sizes to suit different tastes and preferences. It has a great design that is incomparable and a remarkable silvery antique like frame which is exactly what you need to incorporate in your antique interiors.

You can also include it in other numerous design if you want to have its antiqueness beaming all over your living room. The frame features an attractive filigree pattern that is very visible and compelling. This is a mirror that will catapult you to the very top of fashion design and prove to your friends that you have a unique taste that they can barely match. You can hang it flawlessly in the living room and the bedroom wall to radiate a perfect reflection like no other.

  • Additional delay due to Covid restrictions in VIC
  • Features: Intrigue Ornate Filigree
  • Available in different sizes
  • Overall Sizes:
    • 61 x 71 cm
    • 71 x 81 cm
    • 81 x 112 cm
    • 81 x 142 cm
    • 81 x 173 cm
    • 81 x 203 cm
    • 97 x 122 cm
    • 112 x 142 cm
    • 112 x 203 cm
    • 122 x 173 cm
    • 142 x 203 cm
  • Frame Width: 108mm
  • Frame Height: 75mm
  • Mounting Method: Metal Hangers
  • Mirror Edge: Bevelled
  • Orientation: Landscape or Portrait
  • Colour: Silver
  •  SD Mirror Quality
  • Shipping: Australia-wide

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Constanza Large Silver Ornate Wall Mirror

Constanza Large Silver Ornate Wall Mirror