Belinda Gold Wall Mirror


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Belinda Gold Wall Mirror is a mirror-like no other with amazing finishes that will leave everyone stunned. One of the most notable features is the gold inner frame with gold squares that are situated in all corners of the mirror. They come in quite a number of sizes meaning that you are at liberty to choose the size that will best fulfil your satisfaction.

The design is both unique and beautiful with mirrored side panels that have been developed to make the mirror more appealing and add reflective effect. With this mirror, you can give your home a full makeover depending on where you will have it. You can have two of them in the bathroom to give you that double glamour and make the place shine. You can also have one hanged in the living room where everyone can see the beauty glowing from it. It has been created to give that rare attraction.

  • Additional delay due to Covid restrictions in VIC
  • Features: Inner Gold Trim With Elegant Gold Corners
  • Available in different sizes
    • 55 x 65 cm (center mirror: 40 x 50 cm)
    • 65 x 75 cm (center mirror: 50 x 60 cm)
    • 75 x 106 cm (center mirror: 60 x 91 cm)
    • 75 x 137 cm (center mirror: 60 x 122 cm)
    • 80 x 172 cm (*) (center mirror: 60 x 152 cm)
    • 91 x 116 cm (center mirror: 76 x 101 cm)
    • 111 x 141 cm (*) (center mirror: 91 x 121 cm)
    • 111 x 202 cm (*) (center mirror: 91 x 182 cm)
    • 121 x 172 cm (*) (center mirror: 101 x 152 cm)
  • Frame Width: 78mm
  • Frame Height: 25mm
  • (*) Wider Frame: 100mm
  • Mounting Method: Metal Hangers
  • Mirror Edge: Bevelled
  • Orientation: Landscape or Portrait
  • Colour: Gold
  • SD Mirror Quality
  • Shipping: Australia-wide

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Belinda Gold Wall Mirror

Belinda Gold Wall Mirror