Rectangular Bevel Mirrored Frame Cheval Mirror

Rectangular Bevel Mirrored Frame Cheval Mirror

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Add a bit of glam to your entryway or bathroom with this gorgeous Rectangular Bevel Mirrored Frame Cheval Mirror. Four angled and beveled pieces of mirror frame a larger beveled mirror to give depth and style to your home decor.

The stunning simplicity of this Rectangular Bevel Mirrored Frame Cheval Mirror makes it suited for nearly any decor. Whether hung above a console in your entry way or above your bed or sofa, this classic piece adds grace and elegance to your home.

Hang in the hall to give an illusion of space, or in the entry way for a final glance before heading out the door. Hardware allows for horizontal or vertical orientation.

This makes the mirror frame to look very glamorous. This gives it a much larger reflection surface, something that not just any mirror can achieve.

The Rectangular Mirrored Frame Cheval Mirror is held in place with an MDF backing to prevent it from falling off. This superb wall mirror can brighten up your living room especially if you have a modern theme with the sumptuous atmosphere.

It will readily add more deluxe and elegance living a spectacular seen like no other.


  • Width: 150cm
  • Length: 50cm
  • Height: TBA
  • Weight: 15kg

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