Are you looking to buy a bedroom mirror to add more space and character to the room? Keep reading for a few tips to find the best one.

8 Tips for Choosing a Mirror for Your Bedroom 8 Tips for Choosing the Best Bedroom Mirror Having a mirror in the bedroom is a great way to create the allusion of more space in the room, add a nice touch of decor, and make getting ready in the morning...

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You love large, shiny mirrors, but how can you safely discard them when it's time for a replacement? Here's how to dispose of a mirror safely.

How To Dispose Of A Mirror Safely: 6 Useful Tips Mirrors beautify a home by multiplying light and adding accents to a room or hallway. In days long past, owning a mirror was a big deal and moving them across a country --or an ocean-- took serious care and effort....

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It never fails, every time you clean your mirrors you end up leaving ugly streaks behind. Here are a few tips on how to clean mirrors more effectively..

How to Clean Mirrors? 8 Home Mirror Maintenance Tips Did you know that small kids learn to recognize themselves in the mirror after 2 years of age? Some animals such as elephants, chimpanzees, and orangutans also pass the mirror test, showing self-recognizing behaviors at different stages of life. Obviously, to...

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