Can Decorative Mirrors Spice Up Your Bedroom? (Hint: The Answer Is Yes!)

Forget about the principals of Feng Shui that state you shouldn't hang any mirrors in the room you sleep in. Mirrors are so versatile and should be used for both their functional and aesthetic means -- no matter the room. Beyond their practical use, mirrors can add sophistication, character, and brightness to your bedroom. They have the unique ability to completely transform a space. Here are a few useful ideas on hanging decorative mirrors in your bedroom for a space that's truly your own. 

7 Brilliant Ways Decorative Mirrors Can Transform Your Space

When it comes to the style and size of decorative mirrors, think outside the box -- think past square and rectangular mirrors. Yes, these may be the most commonly available style of mirror, but your master bedroom is a place to get creative. 

Mirrors don't always have to serve a functional purpose. They can be purely decorative. This is where round, oval, pendant, and triangular-shaped mirrors can bring style and real character to your bedroom. 

The same goes for mirror frames. Depending on the style of your bedroom, don't be afraid to mix things up -- whether it's with old-world charm, modern edginess, or a worn and weathered look. Here's how to use mirrors to spice up your bedroom:

1. Add Space and Light to Your Bedroom 

If your bedroom is not sun-facing during the day, adding a large mirror or two is a brilliant way to reflect light and make the room brighter, and larger. 

A great way to achieve this is by mounting a large mirror on the wall opposite your bedroom window to reflect outdoor sunshine. This will make your bedroom ceiling seem higher, and the walls taller, too. 

Full length Mirror

There's is nothing more welcoming than a room filled with warm, natural light, so if your bedroom is lacking this, here's your answer.  

2. Spice Up Your Wardrobe Doors 

Another smart way to incorporate mirrors for both a functional and decorative purpose is by installing mirrors on the outside of your wardrobe doors.

This way, you have floor-to-ceiling mirrors that reflect light throughout the room, while enlarging the space. You can also choose your daily outfit and do a once-over of how it looks, head-to-toe. 

3. Create a Mirror Head Board 

This is a unique way to fill that empty space behind your bed. 

Mirror headboards create visual interest and create beautiful symmetry in a large bedroom. You could either hang a large, rectangular mirror horizontally above the bed or a pair of tall framed mirrors, with light sconces on either side for balance.

Mirror headboards

Otherwise, why not create a triptych mirror installation and hang three rectangular mirrors vertically? The options are endless. 

4. Think Big, Think Full-Length 

If your bedroom is on the small side, one of the most effective ways to create the illusion of space is by placing an oversized mirror in the room.

Go for a tall, full-length mirror that you can lean against the wall in the corner of the room, directly opposite a window, or the foot of your bed. Otherwise, if you don't have the floor space, you can also hang the mirror vertically above a dresser. 

Full length mirror

A full-length mirror also makes your ceiling seem higher and will flood extra light into the space, making it feel all-the-more airy and welcoming.

5. Add a Touch of Colour to Your Room 

Typically, you may not think of a mirror as a way to add colour to your bedroom. But with the right frame, you can enhance your bedroom's overall colour palette.

If you want to bring out an accent colour in your bedroom, such as gold, silver, or white, a mirror with the same colour frame can make these accent colours pop. 

But keep in mind that a mirror frame should just add an accent of colour to your room, and nothing more. You don't want your mirror to become a distraction or a focal point for all the wrong reasons. 

6. Use Mirrors As Reflective Art Pieces 

Well-chosen, decorative mirrors can make far more impact than 10 individual paintings. Mirrors offer a great opportunity to get creative and create your own reflective artwork in your bedroom. 

For this, you'll need to gather decorative combinations of several different mirror types. Gather a collection if similar style, shape, and colour mirrors and place them strategically on a main wall in your bedroom. 

Different mirror shapes

Don't shy away from different shaped mirrors, such as hexagonal, round, oval, and triangular styles. 

7. Stick With the Classics

Of course, there is no harm in sticking with the classics when it comes to hanging mirrors. If you're a fan of sleek shapes and modest sizes, then it's best to stick with your preferred style. A large round mirror can do just as much for any bedroom as an intricate mirror gallery wall. 

If you want to keep things simple and classic, hang a beautifully framed rectangular mirror above your dresser. You can also lean a full-length mirror opposite your bed or in the corner of the bedroom. These ideas are basic, but with the right mirror, they have just as much impact. 

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