7 Common Mirror Placement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that mirrors can make your apartment or house look larger than its actual size? That's why interior designers often use mirrors when decorating houses. Mirrors can transform your house to look luxurious. As a result, some homeowners try to come up with many creative ways to place new mirrors in their houses. If you place your mirror in the wrong position, it’ll reduce the attractive value of your house. So how can you place your mirrors correctly? You can do that by avoiding the following mirror placement mistakes.

1. A Mirror Reflecting Another Mirror

A reflection of yourself all over the wall can be exciting, but it's not ideal. When a mirror reflects another mirror, a feeling of multiple dimensions is likely to set in. This can be scary, especially at night when several images will appear in multiple mirrors.

Consequently, you should ensure that no mirror reflects another mirror. You can have multiple mirrors in the same room, but they should be away from each other's perspective. 

2. A Mirror Reflecting a Stove

The stove is the main source of energy in the kitchen. It would help if you didn't place the mirror near the stove because mirrors can double up the energy from a stove. This energy may end up finding its way into other parts of the house.

The reflected energy can cause a fire if it comes into contact with wood. In addition, it can melt metals and cause other nuisances in your house.

Nevertheless, you should know that this doesn’t include placement for heavy mirrors that reflect food on a dining table. You can use such mirrors provided that there's no stove near the dining table.

3. Slanted Placement

You can be creative with your mirror placement, but this shouldn't lead to mirrors hanging at weird angles. For instance, some homeowners hang their mirrors on a corner. Trying to get a reflection from a mirror on a corner can be difficult and time-consuming.

There are many other odd mirror placements. In fact, it's a bad omen to have a slanted mirror in China. The traditional belief is that slanted mirrors will invite an evil spirit into the house.

mirror placement mistakes

Consult a qualified dealer in your area for the best quality mirrors and advice on how to properly position the mirrors in your home.

4. Putting the Mirror Behind Seats

Nobody wants to sit at a workstation or a dining chair that has a mirror behind it. Instead, everyone is looking for solid backing where they can sit without worry. The general feeling is that there’s a mountain bearing behind you when there's a mirror behind your seat.

Mirrors will remove any backing when placed behind the seats. This is true even for strong walls such as solid cement walls.

The mirror behind you will reflect your back. As a result, anybody who is sitting in front of you will be able to see your back. This can cause uneasiness because you’ll feel like someone is peeping at you from behind.

mirror placement mistakes in Dining room

It's also not ideal when you are playing a weekend poker game. The people sitting in front of you will be able to have a good view of your cards.

5. The Mirror Reflects the Bed

Some people will put the mirror in front or beside their bed. Consequently, the mirror will reflect the bed. This can be a big challenge because it reduces the functionality of the bed.

Mirror placement mistakes in bedroom

You can easily get scared when you stare at your reflection at night. These panic attacks can be very dangerous. They may even lead to more damaging spiritual interpretations.

Metaphysics is a belief that the soul will leave the body at night and return when you are about to wake up. Some people believe that mirrors reflecting the beds can distract the soul. In addition, the mirror may prevent the soul from trying to re-enter the body.

Mirrors can also be a big problem when you’re making love in bed. The love-making affair should be a completely private matter, and it shouldn't even be reflected. Hanging large mirrors on the wall makes it look like other people are watching you.

6. Putting Too Many Mirrors in the Same Room

You can put more than one mirror in the same room, but there’s a limit. One of the mirror placement mistakes to avoid when decorating with mirrors is hanging too many mirrors of different shapes, sizes, and styles in a single room. It’ll be a big decorating mistake to hang several mirrors in the same room. 

mirror placement mistakes in living room

The recommended practice is to select one wall where you can hang at most two mirrors. You can then adorn each mirror with different decorations.

It's possible to hang mirrors on two walls in the same room, but it shouldn't be more than that. Similarly, if you’re using one large mirror on one wall, it’s better to have a small mirror on the other wall. Hanging two large mirrors in the same room can disorient people's perspectives. 

The idea is to go minimalistic and reduce clutter. This shows your visitors that you can stay calm and restrained when choosing mirror positions. Eventually, you’ll save space and create stylish interior decor with the right number of mirrors.

7. Using the Wrong Mirror Styles

Each house or apartment has a unique interior design. This design will only be attractive if everything fits in. Unfortunately, some people hang mirrors without considering the current interior decor.

When the mirrors aren’t compatible with your interior design, your house will acquire a confusing look. In addition, the mirrors will be too conspicuous.

It’s, therefore, imperative that you buy complementary mirrors from a reputable company, such as Mirror City. Minimalist interiors tend to go well with simple mirrors that have monochromatic themes and white frames. Meanwhile, if your house has eclectic decor, you’ll be better off with antique frames and large mirrors.

Learn How to Avoid Common Mirror Placement Mistakes for the Best Results

Mirrors are an excellent addition to your interior decor. They bring diversity and new perspectives into your house. However, you won't reap these benefits if you make common mirror placement mistakes.

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